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Samsung Smart TV says Youtube will no longer be availabe fron 30Th June. WHY?


obvious solution to this problem ... DONT EVER BUY SAMSUNG

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Bye bye Samsung. LG here I come.
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Yes, I believe a lawsuit may be in the midst. Having such features as YouTube on my Samsung Smart TV was a leading factor in purchasing the product. Really disappointed.

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I've read every post in this thread and here is what I have to say.


1. I think it's ridiculous to drop support for an electronic from 5 years ago. I think this number should be closer to 10 years.


2. I think it's wrong to not allow an older version of YouTube app that supports an older tv that was working great for years. Telling us it's a security risk is fine but restricting us is not fine. It's like my seatbelt. It's my choice. Same with allowing my car to go 90 mph when the highest speed limit is 70. I know the risk when I speed.


3. I think the lack of apologies from the moderators and or Samsung is very disheartening. I have always thought that Samsung was the leader in electronics. Their response, or lack of response, has me reconsidering them as a leader. They are smoke and mirrors. My next tv will either be LG Sony or a cheap knockoff brand.  Next year Samsung may say lets not support the 2014 edition.  Eventually they will lose more customers.


4. There were a couple suggestions posted, some free, and some requiring an external piece of equipment.  I searched up YouTube and installed the link but the link didn't work. I tried the tvcast app and that didn't work either. The last free suggestion was going directly to the web browser and typing in the URL to YouTube and watching it there. That option allows you to watch YouTube for free without any additional equipment. Now there are some disadvantages like the mouse is slow and my remote doesn't have a keyboard etc.  It works for putting on a video and leaving auto play on. The other disadvantage, as mentioned, is that it does not support full screen mode, but it does support theater mode which is about 70% full screen.


5. Consider buying an external piece of equipment, preferably not a Samsung product. You can get some for very cheap, like $40. That can go to any tv with an hdmi input which they will all have going forwards.  You can even choose a DVD or blu ray player with the YouTube apps included.


6. If you want you can hook up your laptop with an HDMI and stream off there. With a wireless mouse and keyboard it works quite well.


This is irritating as hell. I spent nearly 800 bucks on a television and a few years later, I can't use my most used app?

C'mon Samsung... get your ***** together and FIX THIS.

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Wow, my exact same scenario.
Hope they come up with a solution.
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This needs to be fixed asap. The reason I bought this tv was for the YouTube feature. Lawsuits are brewing. Come on Samsung, do the right thing!

Hello sir madam

Please im looking for your help. I have the same tv you have. So please can you tell me what is the type of your tv written in the expert menu ( when it is switched off, press info--menu--mute--power)

It will show you a menu, press option it will show you sub menu,, PLEASE can you write me what is the type written in the second row ???

For you please dont touch anything, just after you write the type codes switch it off.

I realy aporeciate your help in advance. Thank you 

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I also bought my Samsung Samrt Tv in 2012, model number UN40ES6100, and the You Tube app disappeared after June 30, 2017. I did as you suggested, but my software was up to date 002004 ( no firmware word to click on) and I did not regain You Tube.  Any suggestions from anyone that successfully regain You tube app?

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Thank you for the explanation.


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