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Samsung Smart TV says Youtube will no longer be availabe fron 30Th June. WHY?

That is garbage Kelly
Ant, if Samsung built a system that wasn't proprietary and maintained a solid Android os, they wouldn't have these issues
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My Smart TV is only 2 and a half years and My Smart TV is really Dumb...none of the apps netflix,no youtube,Facebook,Hulu,

Why aren't these apps working? It's why I got a Smart TV and now I'm paying out money and can't watch TV....can this be fixed.

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What's the purpose of spending 1500.00 on a Smart TV and they discontinued the apps after two should be I think they should update us on our smart TV....itz a waste.Still watching TV on my phone.
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You probably need a new router. Probably not the TV

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My only choice youtube stop working on my 46'' smart LED, now i dont know what to do. as i dont have any other subscriptions or anything else to watch on this tv. i have small children as well and they keep shouting all day for their tv programs but dont know what to do, please help if someone knows anyting about how to play youtube into my tv. thanks


Connect laptop via the  monitor output to similar on TV for video; change screen settings in control panel.

Use headphone socket for sound output, to two Phono Jack inputs on TV. Can it still be done? I don't know, but it use to for me.

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I have the UE55ES8000U it cost £2,500 at the time of purchase, 4 and a half years ago.  WHY the **** have I provided your company with this money, just to be told that as a Samsung TV customer I can no longer use my YouTube App with my very expensive TV because it's a wee bit old. Without my consent I might add.
Can I get a refund please as my TV no longer works as advertised, I still have the original Box (complete with YouTube Logo) and all manuals. 
Or as a responsible and caring company who are customer focused and advertise that they are cutting edge and provide the best home entertainment equipment, are you going to step up and do the right thing and spend a tiny % of your R&D budget to develop an update that will work. I also Have a camera fixed to my TV, it's now a complete waste of time as Skype was also removed some time ago.

Not that this will in any way put a dent in your "Brand" name, but I will no longer be buying your products, I will also ensure that friends and family are made aware of your poor service to your loyal customers. And as an added bonus, I will post on every social media site that I am a subscriber to that your lack of interest, foresight, development and integrity is something that all consumers need to be aware of.

Thank You for your fantastic customer service and ongoing support - NOT.

Totally, totally agree 100%. I would never buy again either and tell my friends and family also.
Well said. Looks like many people will be switching to pure android smart tvs. Ill be posting to productreview as many times as i can about this issue
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