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Samsung Smart TV says Youtube will no longer be availabe fron 30Th June. WHY?

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Thank you for the explanation.
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Good morning Community! 


We have some further info on why the YouTube app is no longer supported. Hopefully this will clarify the reason a little further. 


"The YouTube Flash app will no longer be available on certain TV models from June 26th 2017. A decision was made that it was the right time to end-of-life the older YouTube Flash app, following the roll out of the HTML5 version, which offers new features and improvements to user experience."


For more information check out >



Samsung Digital Operations Manager
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So you just have to put the HTML5 app instead of the Flash one, what's keeping you from doing that?


Seriously guys, Youtube is like the most used streaming app, we need it !



It does not help to tell us that YouTube HTML5 offers new features and improvements to user experience because we do not have it.

Don't you get it ?


Stop rubbing salt.

Stop using cookie cutter responses.

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Shame on you Samsung that you don't support YouTube any more. Now the smart TV is useless . Dispicable



We have some further info on why the YouTube app is no longer supported............


You know what?,we are sick and tired to hear "WHY" all the time,we would like to hear "Samsung is going to put out an update compatible with HTML5",what part of this you don't understand????

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Hi @Alwinder,


I appreciate your frustrations but this is something that has been decided by YouTube. They have made the decision for the Flash app to no longer be available on TV models made before 2012, due to the release of the HTML5 version which has new and enhanced features. 


YouTube have decided to remove this version of the app from all TV's made from 2012 or earlier, not just Samsung models. 


Please follow this link for further information:



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Yeah... youtube has decided... and of course you have nothing to do with it... blablabla...

We should go blame youtube, right? It's all them, right?

You forget one thing... We bought this TV from Samsung... not from youtube...
The point is that if Samsung refuses to take responsibility of what's going on

with Samsung customers and their satisfaction, then there won't be any customers anymore...

Instead, we will be customers of some other company who can afford to take this responsibility.


Besides, youtube cannot be blamed - it is a free content provider and never asked us to pay any money

to them... It is YOU who has took a huge advantage of having the youtube app on your TV and

sold tons of those TVs. Now when youtube has stopped supporting the flash based app, you bail out

and take no responsibility what so ever...


The truth is that from technical perspective HTML5 based youtube app needs an engineering effort

to be supported on the older O/S of those TV models. This engineering effort is something Samsung

apparently is not willing to take. There might also be a business effort of convincing youtube guys to

make this effort or prepare a middleware for this to work. This business effort is something Samsung

apparently is not willing to take too.


In another words, to clarify Samsung's answer:
Samsung does not care anymore of it's customers of TV models from 2012/3 and below.

That might also be the case for other Samsung "old" products as well.

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 again.  Can someone explain why. My 2014 model Samsung smart tv has ALSO LOST THE YOUTUBE APP??

I've asked and nobody has answered. 

We live in an age of technology.... why is this even any issue?


My set is a UN32EH5300.  I tried the key sequence you posted but the set just came on normally.

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