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Q7F Judders and white flashes




Getting more annoyed with our Q7F TV, we were hoping some firmware updates would improve things but that hasn't happened.


1) White flashes, every now again, sometimes a few minutes apart, sometimes hours apart, on a scene transition there is a brilliant white flash, i.e. the screen shows for a fraction of a second or perhaps a single frame, a complete white screen.  This happens from all sources and is random but usually always at an edit, going back and playing the same part again it doesn't happen, its as though the TV can't process quick enough over a cut.


2) Judders, typically on pans, at the start of the pan the picture will freeze for a couple of frames then jump and catch up, this is often repeatable but not always.


We've tried changing various motion settings and judder reduction settings which have done nothing to stop the problems.


Are these problems happening for everyone on these TVs?










Not noticed anything on our QE40Q7F - and we have any motion settings turned off completely. Not sure about the juddering, but have you tried disabling any eco settings for the flashes?

 From 'the book':

If your Samsung Television is flickering or dimming sporadically, you may need to disable some of the energy efficiency features. Disable Energy Saving Mode ( Settings General Eco Solution Energy Saving Mode), Ambient Light Detection ( Settings General Eco Solution Ambient Light Detection), or Motion Lighting ( Settings General Eco Solution Motion Lighting).

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