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Privacy Policy on Smart TV's

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Following the Data protection regulations   (GDPR)  drawing attention to Samsung's privacy policy, in this section with particular regard to Smart TV's.    Data about TV history may be collected, however you have some control and can decide on your own  privacy settings.    In connection with advertisements Internet Based Advertisements   (IBA services) aim to provide you with information from Samsung and 3rd parties  , however this service can be disabled via the Tv Settings.


Will include the detail directly here as area which can cause some concern:


Internet Based Advertisement Services


"The Interest-Based Advertisement Services (the “IBA Services”) is designed to provide the ability to obtain and view useful, interactive, and interest based advertisements about products and services offered by Samsung and third parties on your Samsung Smart TV or across various Samsung and third party platforms or devices, including linear commercials, on the web, mobile devices, and tablets.

In order to make the advertising on your devices more relevant to you, the IBA service will rely on your TV viewing history (including information about the networks, channels, websites visited, and programmes viewed on your Samsung Smart TV and the amount of time spent viewing them), Samsung Smart TV usage information, and other statistical data obtained from trusted third party data sources. We may use automatic content recognition (ACR) and other technologies to capture your TV viewing history.

Based on the information above we create groups of Samsung Smart TV owners who share similar interests and use these groups for the IBA Service. The information above is used to determine the groups to which your Samsung Smart TV is assigned and thus, which advertisements your devices receive.

You may disable the IBA Service at any time by visiting the Settings menu on your Samsung Smart TV.

Please note that your privacy choice with respect to the IBA Service will not affect whether or not you receive or are served with other types of ads and marketing that are not specifically based on TV viewing history or Samsung Smart TV usage information. Those other types of ads and marketing will be based on other information such as generalised location and other estimated or inferred information. They might be less relevant because they are not based on your interests.

For more detailed information about the IBA Services, please refer to the IBA Services Privacy Notice at the bottom of this Supplement" .


Full Privacy Policy for those who are interested



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Why on earth would I want advertising from my TV. I cannot believe that a company the size of Samsung would think it is OK to snoop on my personal viewing habits.


Words fail me that people think this is OK



Samsung and it’s undeletable spyware apps are starting to get noticed.

i don’t want these apps installed on my tv, but as you can’t remove them, it begs the question what data are they sending back.


i hope Samsung get sued and lose for this.

its greed, pure and simple.

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