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No "Self Diagnosis" Option Available

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Woke up to find Netflix was no longer working for some strange reason. Code nw 4 8.


I am trying to a factory reset as I've tried everything else to try and rectify it to avail. 


But as you can see the self diagnosis option is not selectable on my TV. 


All other menus and sub menus are available except this. 


Why are Samsungs so complicated?? 

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Hi @Zudecke.


What's the model code and software version of your TV? Go to Menu > Support > Contact Samsung.

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Please see attached for model information. 


Many thanks 






AntS Moderator

Thanks @Zudecke.


There's a later sofware version available (2126.0). If you're unable to update through the Settings, you should be able to download it from the Support page here and extract it on to a USB stick and update that way. (There's a guide on updating via USB on the Support page too, but a direct link to it is here.)


Let us know how you get on.


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You have to go out downright of the application and after you could make the  selftest

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I have the same problem so I exited the app and shut down the tv then diagnosis is no longer grayed

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