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New Series 7 Does not support vidoes

I also have a similar issue on my 43" NU7400 series TV bought early Jan 2019. What I have found is that MPG files do not play with the correct aspect ratio. DivX files do not seem to get listed so cannot be played. However MP4 files do play. What I cannot comment on is supported audio formats within these. I have a 32" Samsung HD TV where the files DO play correctly - and thankfully I also have a Samsung BluRay player which also plays them correctly so not complete stuffed, but it is extremely irritating.

I hope that Samsung will quickly address these issues.
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Just bought NU7472 and found that it does not play the MPEG4. "The feature is temporary unavailable" and that is it.

Funny enough, we watched all these movies on the 5 year old 22" Samsung  (not a  smart tv).

Did set up DLNA, send the content from DLNA server to the TV, the same story. Tried to access files through the TV from the DLNA server, aslo same error. Tried external HDD, USB sticks - same message.

So, I assume, that DLNA streaming is only sending the binary content to the TV  and the TV itself tries to decode it and fails, so all the advices to use DLNA and other over-the-air solutions are just an alternate way to DELIVER the content to the TV, but the TV itself is refusing to play that content, and that is a problem.

"Get the alternate player from a smart hub" is a nice joke.

True indeed, that buying Series 7 is just a spending 600 euro for just a screen, which will "play" video only when receiving the raw data from BluRay or PC through the HDMI cable.


I would suggest an application that converts your file on the fly so the TV receives a playable format

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