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How do I get a picture I uploaded to ambient mode deleted from the screen?

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QLED q7f tv ambient mode 

I uploaded a picture from my smart things app to my tv and I can not delete it. Please help.


Same problem here. Any solution please?


Model: 2018 65Q7FN


Thanks in advance.

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Hello I have exactly the same problem.

1- I contacted the remote support, they hard resetted the TV so I loosed all the setup done. The picture remains...

2- chat with support service, they told me to delete the pic from my device. Did it. Now I do not have the picture but the one in the TV remains....

3- conteacted the phone support. They told me to delete the app and reinstall it. Did it. The picture remains in the TV. 

4- they tell me that if it has been uploaded form a non samsung device they can not guarantee how it works... The picture remains.....


For a TV that costs this much and that has a hard promo on the ambient mode feature it is a serious disappointment.

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Hi all. It should be fixed with the Samsung SmartThings app by phone. Don´t let it sync with your tv. This is how I managed to remove the own added pic from the Ambiente mode.

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Hi the app update solves the problem. Turno on the TV go to AMBIENT MODE > PHOTO

In the SELECT option you have a RESET that deletes the uploaded picture and restores the default one. 

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