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Disable Wireless & Bluetooth


This is really bad not to have the option in menu to disable it.


I live in appartment block and keep getting pop up messages from mobile user trying to log on.


We need the firmware update now, but I feel like reuturning the TV as not fit for purpose and a network security hazard.


Why can't discovery only be for 3 minutes like on other devices?


I don't want to disable it permanently as I use both,  only for any rouge new devices!!!

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Another vote here for a firmware update!

Dear Samsung Dev's,


I dont use wifi/bluetooth either. Huh Samsung unbelievable isn't it? There are users who dont use Network/Wireless on your tv's...


Please stop patronizing us (your consumers) by not implementing or hiding important options in your firmware.

Every Smartphone, PC, Notebook,Car gives the enduser the possibility to disable wireless devices... exept you!


I had 4 bluetooth authorization requests just this week on my NU8009, this is annoying! Do you think your endusers are that stupid and are not able to handle an option "disable wireless" / "disable bluetooth"? Is this some kind of "hide as much functionality as possible to the users because there are some very dull ones" guidline? Or is there another reason hiding it from us?


PS. And no, I dont want you to have send out an "engineer" to me, just do it in FW and you can save money

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