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Dark strip on screen (NU8000 75)

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Hi just wondering if anyone knows what may have caused this, it wasn't there when I turned it on but now the next morning has showed up. Is it a software bug or faulty screen?




TracyR Moderator

Hey @flavo 


Can you try a picture test on your TV? 

Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Picture Test. 


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Say "hello!" and
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I got something similar after updating firmware 1262

But i got the MU8009 75 , the elder version of your tv from 2017 in Germany

Did you make any firmware updates??

Look at the pictures below in the next post


Its an issue with samsung screens im on my fourth and ive still got an issue samsung just keep sending out engineers to replace screen but same thing happens and once warranty runs out itll cost a fortune. The engineer mentioned that its to do with a betclouse or something sounding similar not sure how its spelt or what it is but he said it was this that causes the problem.

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