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Browser issue in Samsung 710D

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Just bought new Samsung 710D tv  and get a browser issue. If I open google, not able to type in google search box. As curser is not coiming. However some time it appear at the top of the google search box. I have already chat with Samsung agent and they also not able to resolve this. Please let me know whether it is a software issue or there is some issue with my tv agent told me that it is software issue. So can you let me know whether this issue appear any other  710D tv or not.

AndrewL Moderator
HI @Sayantan. Where did you purchase the TV from? If you go to Settings > Support > Software Update, please can you confirm your current software version? If you go to 'Update Now' are any updates available?
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The update latest version is disabled ...current version is 1152

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I purchased it from Costco. I checked the same but no update is available.

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I purchased from Costco . I checked but no update is available . Is there any solution available ?? I am not happy with that .. if this issue can not be resolved then I will return it.

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