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Brand new 55 Q9FN, terrible panel quality




it doesnt only affect the QLED series. I  have the 55" NU8049 ( germany) and the pproblem is also present..( i noticed with Altered carbon).. so its definitely software and not panel.

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hi there,

just like to check whether a problem i'm having on my samsung 65qfn tv is normal or a hardware defect.

basically, when i turn on the tv, the bottom half of the screen come switches on first, however, the top half of the screen will remain black, and switchs on after a 2 - 3 sec delay.

issue can manifest when i turn on the tv, exiting from usb mode after watching a video on a usb, the issue is intermittent

Sometimes the whole screen will turn on fine when i switch on the tv.


firmware on tv is 1202. haven't changed any of the factory settings in the menu on the tv.



is it normal? should i contact samsung support to check?





I have the same issue. Seems to only occure when watchin videos through smart tv apps and having low brightness. This needs to be fixed as i'm not interested in cranking up the brightness when watching Netflix in a dark room. 


Im 100% sure its a software problem.  The problem doesn't occur when watching the same content through HDMI.


Ik also happens when I have the youtube app opened. The dark gray becomes black due to the local dimming. I will post pictures this evening. 


I've also seen it over HDMI with content played in Kodi (HDR and non-HDR) on a Fire TV Box. 


This is a video of the issue seen though the Netflix app on the TV & is what I submitted to Samsung in a support ticket.. still waiting on a response from their product specialist.

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If you haven't already, report the issue in a case to Samsung. I've talked to several agents who hadn't seen the issue before, so it's important that they understand this is a common issue and needs to be fixed. The issue happens for me regardless of source (TV apps, streaming apps, or HDMI connections).


Probably i'm having another issue than the one mentioned in this topic?


So when i'm wathing sdr content in dark rooms the tv brightness is set low (1 or 2). The problem that occurs is that the FALD has issues with handling local dimming in dark scenes or dark/grey menus. I just did a test and this happens when using the smart tv apps and also through HDMI. It only occurs when the brightness is set low (0, 1, 2 etc). Brightness above 5 no problems.


When I go to this screen in the youtube app, the led's on the right side of the screen turns of (see second picture). 




Please also have a look at the video I made to see the led's turning off:


It also happens when watching video's. In the example below it happens when the text fades out:



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Hi , have also a 65QFN and I am experiencing similar since the 1202.3 firmware. Intermitently, when I turn on the TV on an HDMI source, I heard the sound of the Tizen interface but the screen remains black no matter what I do. To get back the picture I have to switch to ambiant mode or switch to TV plus. If i a restart the TV it works too. It’s my second panel with the same problem so I think it’s a software related issue... is anyone of you experiencing the same problem?

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