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All 4 app stopped working on Smart TV

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Hi ,mine stopped working too ,so to fix it i just turned the tv off from the powerpoint for  one minute then turned it back on and presto , all fixed  !

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I tried resetting smart hub several times didn't work for me any more suggestions?

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I tried this also several times didn't work for me any more suggestions?
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Hi ,check that you have a good internet connection ,if thats ok then as a last resort you will have to do a factory reset of your tv .But this means you will have to put all your passwords back in for all your apps ,eg .. netflix , freeview catchup ,and any other apps you have installed.


Channel 4 have escalated the problem to their engineering team now so hopefully they'll come back with something soon.


For now I've plugged my Fire Stick back in just to use All4 on it so I can at least watch somehow.

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Tried 3 times on my TV. The Star apps still not working. Says network failure. This is the only one. Made a ticket with Samsung. Waiting for the reply

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I have called samsung on four different occasions one put in a different dns, another did a reset factory, another did the same DNS changing thing, and finally the last reset the smart hub and everything worked just fine until the next morning and there it went again.  I get prime and netflix but redbox ,hulu,vudu, sirus mx or any of the rest don not work.  If everytime I want to watch a different app and have to do a reset and have to reenter all of the passwords and username get pretty time consumming.  I don't understand why it doesn't hold the app.  Is there an internal problem?

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Hi - I had same problem for ages on my Smart TV. Then, I decided to delete the app altogether and turn the TV off for a couple of minutes. After waiting, I reset the TV and had to sign in again. After that, I reinstalled the All4 App and now it works fine. Hope the same will happen for you and all that are having this problem.


I've been experiencing the same thing on a brand new Q9FN, and resetting the Smart Hub didn't fix it. I've just replied to another thread with a video of the issue & the fact I've raised it with Channel 4 via their support form.

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I have the same problem on my month old Q6F TV. I have been incontact with Samsung and All4 who agree there is a problem and tell me that their technical people are trying to solve it. No-one can tell me when or whether. My contact is senior admin person called Kath so try her. 

I am disgusted with Samsung - it has totally destroyed my confidence in them and make me wonder whehther to return it and but another make.

We have had the smart hub and apps reset three times to no effect. If we resume the next day, we sometimes manage to watch a litle more perhaps one or two advert breaks.

Come on Samsung - deal with the problem!

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