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55 inch samsung tv half screen dimmer?

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I just bought a 55 inch tv worked when purchased brought it home and half the screen turned dimmer than the other side i let it sit over night and went back to normal then did the same thing this morning and hasnt went back to normal. Any ideas on the issue or the part causing this issue?20190130_225949.jpg


TracyR Moderator

Does it happen on all sources?


Try a Picture Test:

Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Picture Test.


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Yes it does this on all sources it worked fine when first plugged up let set over night went back to normal then halfway through the day it did this again and has been like this ever since

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This is thr message i got after attempting picture test20190210_150754.jpg


AntS Moderator

Thanks, @chrisnelson327. Doesn't look good that. :(


If you're still within your retailer's returns period, then I'd advise exchanging the TV with them. If not, then it would be a matter of getting in touch with your local Samsung Support team to explore repair options in your area.


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