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2019 QLED Ambient Mode update for 2018 QLED TVs

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I would like to know if Samsung plans to update its 2018 televisions with the new Ambient Mode designs available for 2019 QLED TVs.


There are some examples of new Ambient Mode designs:

Captura de pantalla 2019-03-19 a las 12.21.13.pngsamsung-dezeen-ambient-mode-competition-finalist-bird-clock_2364.jpgsamsung-dezeen-ambient-mode-competition-finalist-elements-for-living_2364.jpg

HI - I'm also interested in a response to this: will the "New Ambient Mode" promoted by Samsung be available as a firmware update to 2018 users? (I have just bought the Q9FN).

Thank you.

I'm also interested in the 2019 Ambient Mode for the 2018 models (Q9FN).

The current Ambient Mode is really disappointing...

No proper fullscreen images and poor color matching possibilities (only cool/warm slider instead of full RGB bars) for the background...

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