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My Samsung TV is not working with my Nintendo Switch

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When the Switch is connected to the TV's HDMI port, no signal is recognized.

The TV model is LE40R73BD

model code ic: LE40R73BDX/XEU

Type No: BD40EO

Has anyone experienced the same problem ?

Any idea to fix it please ?


Hello ilanflambusart,


Do you have an image on the screen of the Tv or do you have a black screen? You must also check the user guide of your Tv in order to see if you must change the resolution and the frequency on your nintendo switch in order to be compatible with the tv


Good luck

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Hello everyone !

i’ve got the same probleme with my tv Samsung UE43RU7105K. 

My tv don’t detect my switch but the tv screen send the image and dessapered every 2 secondes. I have changed HDMI. 

I have a PlayStation 4 and the tv recognise without problem...


thank in advance 

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