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Helping Hand

The Beta end is near..

Samsung has worked hard to fix all those pesky bugs...

But I have not seen any of the suggested features implemented so here is a last call in case we can get a few before the last Beta....

Ranked In order of importance/popularity..


1. Implementation of Google Feed/Home on first page of home screen (even if it's part of Samsung Daily)


2. Vertical volume bars (Bottom right corner)


3. Shoot with all Cameras at once


4. Smart Things notification tray, ability to switch devices without leaving current app (as with Android Pie)


5. Improved/new notification notification light


6. Improved night camera shot (faster & less noise)


7.  Better more reactive scene optimizer (e.g. for macro/portrait apply blur, when dark apply night mode)


8. Split Video close up and distance at the same time



Hopefully these changes should be simple enough and already be in Samsungs pipeline as these are much requested and are what other manufacturers have over Samsung.


Please @TomaszT push this to the Devs in hope we can get some of these in on the next (and probably final release)





Hey @BenGinders 


Thanks for this compilation thread! 

Truth be told, I already got a positive feedback regarding some of the options mentioned.

However, as finding and fixing the bugs is the highest priority, it is really hard to devote the time to focus on adding something new.


In a few cases, they are initially accepted but I doubt they will be added in Beta, but rather in either an official version, or in one of the future updates (as time and testing are necessary to implement those).


And you can be sure, that I pester the development team constantly, especailly when it comes to the suggestions that have the biggest support 



I honestly think the suggestions section is just to make us feel like we're being heard, or to look for ideas for the next major software update.

I don't expect any of them to be implemented in the public release of Android 10 for Samsung devices. 


I think the only suggestions I've seen implemented so far are actually just bug fixes and not really new suggestions/features. 

Helping Hand

Hi @ryamoo, I was optimistic at first but like you I'm yet to see meaningful changes which have been suggested... 

I'm hoping the bug Squashing was taking all the time up and now they will work on enhancements.

(Forever the optimist) but I have a gut feeling none of the suggestions that these will not happen like yourself.



I agree with your post ,hopefully it will all be taken into consideration , after all that's what we the customers have been willing to help samsung with .


Hope this is not near final release as there are still lots to sort. Lots of little bugs 

Helping Hand

Hi @Gazza40  what bugs are you still facing, just so I can check my side. Also if you haven't done so already please raise a bug report.



Do not disturb settings fault I've reported

Keeps crashing

Screen flicker 


A bit of hope.. I uninstalled updates for the "Media and Devices" system app so I could find it on the galaxy store when it shows as an update (it cant be found searching for me, only via the update) so I could check the reviews to see how many more 1 star reviews it has.

It's no longer showing as an update - maybe it's been removed because Samsung have realised how bad it is. Fingers crossed! 

Helping Hand

Hi @Gazza40

I can't really comment on the Do No Disturb issues as I do not use it. For the other 2 issues I have seen them in previous builds but not the latest.

I would certainly recommend raising a bug report for each issue.

Helping Hand

@ryamoo, I have seen updates on my Android 9 Samsung which has recently updated this feature but does still do so from the notification Panal, rather than taking you into the app.

So hopefully you are right and they are looking to push this out to us soon


@BenGinders the update notes for the app say it's just the note 10 that has the change so far.