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why do samsung allow cheating on samsunghealth challenges

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I'd like to know, this is so ridiculous. Samsung does nothing, and why this is so funny for cheaters? They should be banned.


Actually look this up on Youtube. People make videos of the crappy homemade setups they use to cheat.

Like taping your phone to the ceiling, over a ceiling fan, and the blades hit the phone and make steps. It's rediculous.


Even now,   non-cheater can't get first place! Has Samsung Health replied on this case!?


I solved, after the third time that my the samsung gear fit2 pro broke, I decided to take a Suunto and withdraw from the cheat game and leave the Samsung Health app.


Yeah, some folks on for five different fitness trackers and strap them to their arm and leg while they run.  Wanted to test them to a paint Shaker and give the cheating accelerated to a really ridiculous point?

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I saw Samsung tried addressing this over a year ago. 


I'm a competitive person who enjoys competitions. I don't find cheating amusing. I don't even know why people cheat on a flipping step contest. Lame, lame, lame. 


This is why I'm selling this POS Gear2 and getting a fitbit. 

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i also complained samsung about that this software is more about who cheats more rather than real steps

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