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Why do samsung think bloatware is ok?

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I don't mind the bundled Samsung apps, most of them are actually good but I should at least have an option to disable ones I don't use (Samsung pay doesn't support my cards and the notes app is poor).

But the real problem is 3rd party apps from the likes Facebook and Microsoft.

I don't use them or want them on my phone at all.

Yes I can disable those but they are hefty apps that are still using storage I could be using for things I do want.

3rd party apps should ALWAYS be down to the user to decide what THEY want to install, not what Samsung decides.

That's the whole point of app stores isn't it?

Yes I realise this all comes down to money, making deals with these companies to put their ***** on but at the very least let users uninstall if they don't want them.

I love my Samsung, it's been a great phone but I'm currently looking at getting a new phone and I'm afraid I won't be taking any Samsung into account no matter how good it may be because of the 3rd party bloatware.

No it won't make any difference and won't affect profits but at least I won't have to put up with it.

(I tried to write this as direct feedback to Samsung but like always, there was a server error.)



Go to settings/Apps. You can uninstall or disable apps u don't want. I got rid of Twitter and FB as I have no interest in using them. I'm a shepherd not a sheep.

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I agree. 


I buy my Samsung phones at full retail price from Samsung so expect to be able to have more control over whats on the phone from out of the box or more control in regards to uninstalling them. 

Lots can be removed or force stopped as you explain and on the Play Store there are Package disablers. 


On my Samsung s8 I cannot see a way to uninstall Facebook but instead disable is available. 

Others like Excell , Chrome Gmail PowerPoint, word and One drive all present the same option. 



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I used 4 yrs galaxy s5, it is great phone. But i really got tired of these memory filling useless crapware. So I rooted it and removed crapware. After that phone is faster etc..... but it was so old phone so i bought nokia 7plus. It is so awesome after samsung crapware that ....... There is no crapware at all. Just like androidOne promised

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Only a small portion is able to remove or block. Most are enforced as "System apps" When will they learn that the bloadware is the nr one reason apple is still so popular. I know lots of companies in my circle who dismissed samsung in favor for even lenovo devices beause of the *****.

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Absolutely, same here. I was waiting for the S10 but I recently got that intrusive Samsung pay update that made Samusung pay always visible at the bottom of my screen and I can't disble it. I keep pressing it by mistake and it keeps trying to force me to set it up as the default payment method on my phone and they don't even support my bank (which btw is the second biggest in the UK). Therefore, I will not be buying another Samsung phone!

FB can not be uninstalled as well as many other apps that consume space, even when disabled. I paid full price for my Note 5 and should be the only one that decides what apps are installed. I am currently looking to upgrade and a rootable pbone is a must since the Note 5 appears to be impossible to root without the bootloader key. Thes phones are too ***** expensive to be held hostage by the manufacturers and retailers desire to control our devices app storage.

@Mykul68 wrote:
FB can not be uninstalled as well as many other apps that consume space, even when disabled.

it sure can.




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