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When finished recording a workout, Strava sync can sometimes take hours


Any word on getting the heart rate monitor to work properly?


I'm using the latest version of S Health, on a galaxy S8 in UK with Strava 77.0.0. The wearable is irrelevant as the issue is the record being shared from the S Health app to the Strava app. I've just had Tuesday afternoons run appear in Strava today at 13:15. 


There appears to be absolutely no collaboration between Samsung and Strava dev teams. ReLive syncs seamlessly with Strava, who I would imagine have a far smaller budget to play with than Samsung. How can they manage it but Samsung can't? I think Samsung need to accept that customers don't want to use S Health as it lacks any real social interaction. Don't try to railroad costumers into using it or it will damage hardware sales. 

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Thanks for the info there, Stuy76. 


@daath: No news as of yet on the HR monitoring.


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I just got the new 1.0.2 version of the Strava app on my Galaxy Watch - and it actually tracks GPS, heart rate and synced to Strava exactly as it should! Finally!! 

So Strava is fully supported on the new Galaxy Watch? No linked app routine? That would be a decision making feature!
So Strava is fully supported on the new Galaxy Watch? No linked app routine? That would be a decision making feature!


If heart rate monitoring worked perhaps...


HRM worked fine for me yesterday on 1.0.2, a month ago it didn't. I think the app is fully standalone  but I'm not certain as I had the Strava app on my phone from before anyways. 

I have been getting by with Run4Gear - massive kudos to its author - but obviously having an official Strava app that works is great. 

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I have the same issue seems to be going on for months it was said samsung health 6 would resolve issue but it has not this is annoying get it sorted 



I bought a Samsung galaxy watch meanly to use it for workout. I  link my Samsung health account with my Strava account but when i record a activity with the watch. I can see it on the Samsung health app but never appears on Strava. I see that new activites on Strava are download back to Samsung app but it only goes one way. Have you fix your issues? Can you help me?

Thanks in advance.



I suggest you give the dedicated Strava app for the watch a go. The latest version. 1.0.2, works well on my Galaxy Watch. It syncs directly to Strava and is not dependent on your phone (I just tried going for a run after putting my phone in flight mode, just to be sure). 

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