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When finished recording a workout, Strava sync can sometimes take hours


This is still pretty much hit or miss. Some days it uploads immediately, most days I save the GPX file just in case. I rode yesterday at noon, and it updated Strava at 10:30 PM.


The new Strava app is a great first step, but it lacks so much still compared. Maybe version 1.5/2.0 will actually have features like auto-pause, pacing and record a hike (currently just bike, run and walk).


Yup. I've just did my Frontier, not looking back. Wear OS is leagues ahead unfortunately


Um, no it's not. There's not a single Wear OS device that has all the capabilities of the Galaxy Watch.

Is it perfect, no sir, but overall it sure is bloody impressive...


You were correct, 2 years ago. Nowadays there are other options, none of which are crippled by Tizen.


Still correct now, not a single oustanding Wear OS device (hw_wise, but also hw+sw synergy_wise) to make it worth the jump, & the apps/services ecosystem is still a wasteland there too, esp. compared to iOS.


Well put it this way, Strava & Nike Run both have a wear OS app. So they win in this thread straight out of the gate.


Wear OS has plenty of apps nowadays, I suggest you update your research...


I have & use a Wear OS device, I have & use a Tizen one, no need to update my research. Nike is shiza, no thanks. The Strava app on Wear OS is no better than the Tizen one, utter shiza. I suggest you stick to the topic of the thread (Strava sync issues with SHealth), rather than talking about how people should make the jump to Wear OS. People can & will make the jump one direction or the other based on their wants/needs, no need for an "expert on the internet" to be telling folks what to do.

This is the topic of the thread. Like many, I've been waiting over a year for official native Strava app support OR native integration with SHealth for my Tizen watch. It never came, and neither did any support for those struggling. Threads were abandoned by equally confused moderators because they couldn't answer the question. We were ignored. Therefore, I've chosen to vote with my wallet and go with WearOS (ie the option Samsung should use if they were fussed about user experience instead of competition).

If you truly do have a Wear OS device, you would know right now it's got vastly better support, stability and a much, much bigger selection of apps and wouldn't need to lie about that to try and defend your favourite company...

"This is the topic of the thread..."


Ah no it's not, the topic is SHealth to Strava sync issues. That's it.


" would know right now it's got vastly better support, stability and a much, much bigger selection of apps..."


This has not been my experience, at all. Is app/service support better, yes, but the difference is not huge, & hw-wise; all the devices on the platform are utterly medicore. Stability is not better, no sir. Plus the synergy of the hw to the OS/sw & companion sw on the phone, isn't nearly as well done.


So this Strava app that's superior on Wear OS, in what ways is it heaps better, cause from where I'm standing I can't see it. Actually don't answer that, that continues the digression you/I have going here (which I'm sure mods will mop up soon enough), I am curious though, so if you have the time,  I'd be most grateful if you could shoot me a PM outlining that.

AntS Moderator

We’re totally cool with you guys debating the pros and cons of different wearable OS’s… but it might be best to create a separate thread for it.


As for the thread’s original topic, I think info like which Samsung Health and Strava versions you're using, along with which devices - and even which country you're based in, is useful for everyone.


I’ve also asked our software team for further advice/investigation as to why version 6 of Samsung Health may not have resolved this for some of you. (There was an update to version of Samsung Health  for Android on the 3rd December 2018, in case some folks were unaware.)


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