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The Suggestions & Ideas Thread

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@ConcreteLlama: I've found the developers to be very literal and sparse/efficient in their wording to us, so from the wording of their response, I'd say it's unlikely to be extended to existing products. But they did like the general concept, so you never know, it might be. Assuming there aren't hardware/design concept limitations in those cases, of course.


@V_J:  I've checked, and the developers haven't replied to our pitch for your suggestion as of yet. But I'm going to see if I can get someone to do some poking around at their end.


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On the watch i think the swimming app needs a little more work, setting the distance laps you need more 99 is not enough for a long distance when you swim 3 miles in a 25mtr pool its 198 laps! Also there should be 4 time or distance stored not just one, plus a vib on every 1/4 the total distance so you can tell how far you got without having to look. No gps out door swimmimg app yet? 

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My suggestion:
Launch a tablet with an EDGE screen and 8-12GB of RAM. This would look outstanding and would be perfect for gamers and all kinds of users! Cannot believe this has not been launched already!
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