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The Suggestions & Ideas Thread For New Tab S


Hi would it be possible if you could ask Samsung to manufacture a Tab S 8.4 newer model ? Would that be possible ? i have waited years for a 8inch ish model, but Samsung keeps manufacturing 9.7 inch and 7 inch.......


i would love for Samsung to manufacturer 8.4 inch successor, it's got to have a 2k Amoled display, octa core cpu, 4/6 gig ram, 64gig minimum storage, LTE connectivity, S Pen Support, Bluetooh 5, USB type C, better camera, as camera ain't that amazing on the Tab S 8.4.........


i do know you have the tab active rugged design its not Amoled display, it's tft lcd :( as that's the closet i can find to the 8.4, i would purchase it in a heartbeat if it wasn't LCD display...



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