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Something is rapidly draining the battery of my Gear S3 Frontier

I am just over 20hrs on my Gear S3 Frontier. That is longest in a while. I am at 7% now so only showing I will get 2 more hrs on this charge. My activity has not been high and I am not fully using all of the features. I did my workout yesterday before charging so thinking I would not have enough charge for that as well. Looks like I will still need to charge morning and evening, but at least it looks like I can now make it through a day. I think Samsung has done something with the latest update but definitely still not as long of use as in its earlier days before various updates that I think reduced its life for each charge. If anyone has any proven adjustments that could help it last more than a day on a charge, please share.

I have noticed that If battery goes totally empty, then the watch thinks that it has about 75-85% battery left. And then it will charge only 25-15%. The watch is showing that it has 100% battery left. But actually there is about 20% left. So If you put the watch in the charger when it showing 10% battery left, you get better battery life.

Very odd. I think this happened to me. I had about 90% left last night but thought I would charge before bed to ensure 100% and not as much to charge in morning (the workarounds we build into our lives for this hunk of junk!). Anyhow, I get up this morning, put my watch on and go for walk. Get home and realize watch is off. I reboot it and it comes up as 21%. It must have gone into shutdown mode overnight. Strange thing is the night before I woke up to 71% charge so I know in general I do not lose 80% overnight. Might be something to this theory about what charge level should be at before putting it on dock. This adds another element of complexity to ensuring I always have a watch ready with enough charge to last at least 12 hours... Samsung, please look into this and send out a fix... I think we are getting to the potential root of the problem...
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