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Smartphone App Troubleshooting Tip Thread

AntS Moderator

Hi all. :robothappy:


Some troubleshooting tips if you're having an issue with an app (e.g. having trouble with making a WhatsApp call when other call apps work fine; or if your Facebook app has gone all wibbly):


1. Restart your device to give it a "power nap" and a fresh start.


2.  Check that you’ve got the latest version of an app for your device/firmware:


  • Updating apps from Galaxy Apps: Galaxy Apps > More > My Apps > Update


  • Link for how to update apps from the Play Store (Plus, if you go to the app’s page on the Play Store you can leave a review for feedback for the development team; and there’s often contact details for them too.)


3. Check for any firmware updates for your device.


4. Clear an app's cache and data through the Application Manager


For newer devices: Settings > Application Manager > 3 dots > Show system apps > [tap into the relevant app] > Storage > Clear Cache, and Clear Data. (For older devices it'll be in the Application Manager > All > [tap into the relevant app] > Clear Cache, and Clear Data.)


5. Checking all the Permissions the app needs are set correctly. In the Application Manager, tap into the relevant app, and scroll down to the Permissions. On newer devices, tap into that Permissions menu item to get further options.


6. For app notifications on newer devices, it's worth checking that they're enabled/disabled (whichever you're wanting) in the app in the Application Manager too: tap into the relevant app, and scroll down to Notifications, and tap into that.


7. If the issue persists, and you've got the Samsung Members app on your device, use it to send an error report and log files to our software team for them to investigate: Within 15 minutes of it happening, open Samsung Members app > select Support > Send Feedback > Error Reports > Application > tick Send System Log Data, and attach a description of the problem.


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another suggestion to add to the list above:


1) settings -> developer options -> generate bug report


this option is for those willing to analyze log files searching for clues or evidence.


2) open dial up and type the following code:   *#9900#

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