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Samsung pay not showing an an option for galaxy watch

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I have checked my sticker and the rest of the box it just says R800, shows my serial number and EAN, however I scanned the EAN barcode and every site that google gives me shows me is portuguese, as per the translate option. So mine does not seem to be a UK model either, if I dont get an email tomorrow will call them they are open a half day at 13p per minute

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So i called Appliances Direct this morning, they confirmed that non UK watches have been delivered, and they will collect on 8th, and a refund issued in 7 to 10 days. They said they have just been made aware that their watches would not work, with either Samsung Pay or Android Pay. I have now purchased a new watch directly from Samsung, with a free £89 wireless duo charger. This should be delivered on 7th.


Got to the bottom of this in the end, thanks to everyone.

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Just press and hold Back Button and samsung pay will come up. 

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