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Samsung Phone - never again!


Dear Samsung.

Why is it so difficult for you to tell your users when they would receive their updates?  Is it such unmanageable task? 

Is it really?  Well, Apple and Google seem to be ok with delivering software on announced dates. 

Another thing - do you really think that £800 phone deserves only two major updates? Guys, seriously, this is not how you make people buying your next phone.  

And what exactly do you do with Google software for 10 months before giving it to us?

Samsung phone  - never again for me - in two years time shiny hardware becoming an outdated brick - thank you Samsung.


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Apple are better at advising on relesse dates because iOS is created by them and used exclusively on iphones and because they don't allow Networks to hold updates back for testing or add network bloatware they have a better control of release dates.


Android is very different as it's spread over many devices and if it's on a network branded phone the networks typically hold it back for testing. 


Thus Samsung can't push it out until the networks give the green light. 


This is why I only buy direct from Samsung which means I have a better chance of getting the updates faster although this isn't guaranteed as Samsung have never been fast at releasing. 


Neither Samsung nor networks will comment on release dates probably because if it slips then lots of people will complain. 


Since I bought my s8 it had Nougat on it with increment updates followed by Oreo again with updates and more important to me Security updates.


My phone is stable which is priority for me so I'm ok with waiting until an update is ready and stable with as little bugs as possible.


I usually stick with the same phone for 12 months but have had them for around 1.5 years and haven't found them wanting in that period of time. 



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I bought my S7 Edge from Harrods, which was unlocked - still had to wait God knows how long for Nougat update.   Vodaphone users have got this update before me.  I would understand month of delay, but why my phone still on Android 7.0... 

Apple releases their software on one day to dozen different phones and tablets.  I do not think that Samsung offering is substantially bigger than Apple one. 

I fully appreciate Samsung excellence in hardware space, but their software shortens phone life to 2-3 years. Apple gives at least 5 major updates before taking a phone from the list.

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This is why I switched to Apple. I loved Samsung phones but the terrible update process had me switch

to Apple. I currently use a 6S and I won’t be returning to Samsung. In other words, switch to Apple. 

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Yes Apple do seem to give more iOS updates but on the flip side I've had iOS updates that then have killed my iPhone. 

My iPhone 6 Plus stability was compromised in regards to Wi-Fi and certain lagging and was advised by Apple to turn off some features to combat it !


This is because Apple want the same iOS update on as many iPhones as possible as they take particular pride on the % of how many iPhones are on the same iOS firmware. 


But due to this some iPhones struggle to run it or Apple turn off certain parts of the features in the software as the iPhones hardware cannot run it. 


That and I'm sure we've all seen that Apple have admitted they slow down their older iterations of iPhone with newer software supposedly to save the aging battery and to stop iPhones shutting down or looping. 

The only way to circumvent that is to have the battery replaced which resets the chipset !


So yes there are pro's and con's for each platform. 


If you do not buy your Samsung phones direct from Samsung then they may have a different csc code on them. 


Ie from Samsung they typically have the Btu csc code. 


From other outlets even tho the phone is an unlocked version it may have the xeu csc code.


This can sometimes affect the timescale that the phone will recieve an update. 


Samsung send out updates connected to csc code and serial numbers and in waves. 


In regards to android updates. 

Again I cannot see vast differences between Nougat and Oreo myself and as such wasn't getting frustrated at waiting when my s8 was on Nougat. 


The most important part for me is the Security Patch Updates which can be downloaded separately away from software updates if a person does not want to or need to update their phones firmware. 



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I have recently switched from iPhone to Samsung note 9. All working ok until I started getting pop up ads on my phone. WTF? No thanks. Back to iPhone for me.

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The pop up ads are most probably in a free app you may have downloaded  


You can check by putting the phone in Safe mode which turns off all the downloaded apps and leaves the stock ones working. 


If the ads stop then its because of an app.


Come out of Safe Mode and start deleting your most recent apps until the ads stop.



Current Phone ~

Samsung Note 9 Model: SM-N960 Dual Hybrid 512Gb

Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch
Samsung Galaxy Tab A {2016}SM-T580

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