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Samsung Pay not working on Galaxy Watch (46mm)


Hi All,


I purchased the Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm to go with my new S10+. I've setup Samsung Pay on the mobile and on the watch but i'm having difficulty with NFC on the watch not picking up on quite a lot of devices.


It's definitely setup correctly and the 60-second timer comes on so all I have to do is touch the machine with the watch to make the payment but it's not connecting and making the payment. This happens on at least half the devices I try it on but some it works fine on so that's another indication it's setup correctly.


The Samsung shop in the Trafford centre suggested a re-load of the software which took them around and hour but it's still happening.


Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? Could it be a faulty watch?



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Superuser I

I'm using the Samsung Gear s3 Frontier watch which I appreciate is the model below yours and have no issues with Samsung Pay on it @Daskew78 


I'm on Tizen 4.


Personally if this was my watch I'd ask the seller to replace it as I had done all that could be achieved via self troubleshooting. 


Either the software or hardware is possibly corrupted meaning an intermittent issue.


We expect for things like this just to work and not instead proceed to pay and are left in suspense if it's going to work or not and then have to find an alternative method of payment.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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Well after taking it to the Samsung store in Manchester and having the software reloaded I still had issues so I had Argos replace it. It was working in a few places then I went to somewhere else and it wasn't working again no matter what I tried. I never had any of these issues with the Apple Pay on the Apple Watch and it's too temperamental so I ditched it for a refund.



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