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Samsung Pay UK - Lloyds bank


Went in Lloyds bank last week i spoke to the branch manager asked him when would we be getting Samsung pay he said we have Google pay and Apple pay i said yes I know but will you  in the future be getting Samsung pay as i would like to pay with my gear watch as it only supports Samsung pay .I use Google pay on my note 8 .Told him to get with the future lol 😁


still no samsung pay for Lloyds bank soon will be New Year 2019


Next phone well be Huawei flagship in 2019 and the matching Android wear watch, gear s2  unsupported watch now in drawer, frontier and Samsung pay unsupported with lloyds, don't give a ***** how good the s10  is I want usable functionality and not just Flash ***** features, Samsung owner since s2 , sick of their excuses like other languages coming to bixby on the s9 well it's a year neatly and still no support for UK English

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Vote with your feet like I did i Joined Nationwide they support Samsung Pay and i got £100 quid for changing banks too they also sort out all your payments and direct debits too
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