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Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Not Counting Floors


Just got my Gear Fit2 Pro last week. Still learning how to use all the functionality.

0ne issue is its not counting correct number of floors, I  just tried walking stairs by holding my hand low at the bottom then rising my hand high at the top then walked down in the same way but it still did not count.

Annoying glitch! any way of addressing this issue ?

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I got my Gear Fit 2 Pro about 3 weeks ago. I came from the Fitbit EcoSystem where I had been for a very long time. As I had the Samsung Galaxy S8 + phone and was thoroughly enjoying that, I figured I would give their wearable a try. After reading good reviews and press about the watch, imagine my surprise when I Walked a total of about 18 floors in a day just to see that I had walked 2. What is up with that? Fitbit has NEVER had any issue registering floors. The Gear Fit 2 does a lot of things well. I can play music from it. It has on board GPS. But the floor detection mechanism is off? I really don't want to send this back but this bug needs to be fixed. Makes no sense, whatsoever.

Also found that the floor counting indoors is iffy. Basically you have to climb maybe 2 flights to get 1 flight counted. I can live with this but compared to the Fitbit One (still the most accurate step/floor tracker I have ever owned) it is nowhere near as accurate. Outside it does a better job at measuring elevation, however. I just know that 20 floors on the Gear means maybe 30. Not a deal breaker for me.
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