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Samsung Galaxy Watch Sensor Faults


I purchased a Bluetooth version of the Samsung Galaxy Watch at the beginning of December 2018, for the first few weeks the watch ran near perfect apart from the step counter which seems very inaccurate, I used to walk 5.0 miles which gave me my 10,000 steps on my old Fitbit and Samsung Gear S2, the new Samsung Galaxy Watch only records 8000 steps.
Since beginning of this year, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is still very inaccurate and the heart rate sensor will stop half way around my walk, The GPS sometimes stops working mid walk and takes a long time to get a lock, some days I get 25 or more floors when walking a dead flat walk along the sea front.
This problem really needs sorting out, I have tried many Factory Resets, Powering Off and back on etc
I have owned a Samsung Gear S2, Gear S3 Frontier and now this piece of rubbish, the Samsung Galaxy Watch which I don’t think if fit for its purpose.

Samsung Galaxy Watch
Tizen Version4.0.0.1
Software Version R800XXU1BRK3


Do Samsung read these messages, I was hoping to get some help or feedback

AntS Moderator

Hi @Sybexx!.


Figured I'd reply to this one and let you know that you are not alone: 


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The activity tracking issues on the Galaxy Watch are being looked into and worked on as per my post here: Gear Watches not recording sleep stages and steps correctly


Also, I'm closing this thread... as there's a few of them covering the same topics on the Galaxy Watch already.


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