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S8 smart view not working

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I had the same exact issue. Tried it all. Yet I simply remembered I had my tv connected to the internet via LAN (hard wire) instead of wifi.  


I then made sure both my phone and my tv were connected via the same exact Wifi network.


Now also in my case my Comcast/Xfinity router has 2 wifi settings . My phone can only connect to wifi 1 but my ps4 and tv can connect to wifi 1 and wifi 2.  So if that's the case make sure you are connected to the right one. 


Now my smart view is working fine 

See i tired this but it creates a new problem. If you have the smart tv online it runs the endless advert and pay for view channels which have mature content. I have to have to have my tv wired and unplugged to stop these adverts samsung has done some shady deal with and can't be deleted or tturnd off on the ks9000 series.

Also my Bluetooth has stopped working on my tv after 1 year so that doesn't help. This is my third new ks9000. The build quality of these expensive tvs is a joke.

I have an s8+ and 2 Samsung series 6 smart TVs.

I literally had my phone connected to my TV yesterday. Today smart view doesnt even show either of TVs.

I can use my phone as a remote to operate both TVs, but I cannot use smart view to watch videos from my phone.


I don't know what's going on.

Welcome to my world! It could be weather or the cat (according to samsung) but it's more likely just another problem. Maybe an update nerfed it. I'd try going into tv network device management and deleting your phone and then turn off your phone and then try again. Try smart view and the app. See if tv can find Bluetooth as well. When I loose one I loose both. Good luck.

Nothing is working.

I have cleared everything and reconnected devices.


Bluetooth won't even connect.

Hmmm so it's either.
The tv or the phone or the Wi-Fi.
Is suggest trying another phone or make sure your phone wifi is working.
Then I'd suggest checking your tv wifi internet connection.
Then I'd suggest resetting your Wi-Fi.

Also I found that a ps4 connected to the same Wi-Fi can cause conflicts (amazingly). To get even partial connectivity they all had to be wired or wireless not both.

I'm not surprised about the Bluetooth. If all this fails do factory resets. At that point you likely have a fault and it will be warranty.

I had 3 new smart tv in a row and still have problems....
Also..and this is a joke.

To get my tv to even look for my phone I have to turn it off. Then I have to quickly press the scan in the app and then turn the tv on. For it to even show. If I don't do this it will never find it.

It's like the tv on sends out a signal once when turned on and never again.

And all this is since the updates. Updates intended to break our devices and force new purchases.

They started with breaking our ph9nes and now they break our tvs. Never has that been possible until smart tvs. And let's not be surprised as the CEO of samsung spent the last few years in did the president of s Korea.
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Thank you so much!! I've been trying to mirror screen for weeks. It was working fine before and out of nowhere it wouldn't register. I was only able to use the remote control. I looked everywhere online for a solution and this finally worked. Finally!!

Thanks for posting

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This worked for me finally!! It worked well and out of nowhere it wouldn't register. I've been looking for solutions everywhere. It's been a couple weeks and I almost have up. Thanks for posting dude!
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Hi, glad it helped. It actually happened more than once. Last time I've cleared the Data & Cache of Chrome app on my phone and started working again. 

Good luck! 

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