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S8 smart view not working


I have a Nokia but wanted to share that by removing all devices in TV settings (general-external device manager-device connection manager-device list) I was then prompted to allow phone at next connection attempt and it is working again for me

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So mine was working fine and then one day I couldn't get it to connect same as all of you. I finally got it to work by going to setting on my samsung tv, general, external device manager, device connect manager, device list then i selected the samsung phone (there were 2) and I deleted one of them. And then it started working.  On the details of both samsung devices listed one said it was smart view connected and the other something else so I deleted the one that was something else and kept the smartview samsung. I hope this helps someone.

Yes that solution deoesnt worknfor everyone sadly.

Also the samsung app as the only solution is not acceptabe because if you have Chromecast it will always find and automatically choose it first.
So it becomes a mini game of manually pressing buttons as quick as possible. Often takes 3 attempts for the app to find the smart tv. We had to disable Chromecast on all tvs.

Also The samsung official smartview app doesn't support subtitles.
So i have people in my house hold who benefit from subs and for over a year our galaxies allowed us to use the menu bar smartview and samsung video app with subs. But now if we want to use smart view, we can't use subs.

The latter is like a form of discrimination to people with hearing issues and those with a language barrier. In 2018 this isn't acceptable from an official app.

Our only alternative is to use a 3rd party app player but there isn't one which supports multi tasking. So if my family needs subs (which they do) no on can use the internet or anything lol

Absolutely stupid situation created by samsung updates. When contacted samsung suggests to use smart view app ...and ignores the sub issue.

We have 3 galaxies and all will be out of contract in August. Unless samsung fixes what they broke we will be forced to go elsewhere as the casting is vital to work and play for us. We have samsung smart tvs too for casting specifically which we will also have to reconsider.

None of this should be a problem.
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I am having a similar but slightly different problem. I can still stream from my s8 to my Samsung curve tv and I can play the sound from my tv to my phone but I used to be able to stream my tv to my phone. It was great because I'd be watching football and have to pee or go grab a beer and I could have whatever was on my tv play on my phone instantly so i wouldn't miss anything. It has all of a sudden stopped and no longer works. It dont even give me the option to do it. Is this the result of a recent update?


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 After hours of frustration found smart view would not fully open amd function well with my phone s6 power saving feature turned on.  

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I dont know what Samsung is up to, but for me it seems like if they inconvenience people and by the way you can delete all in moble device list manager and drop menu back down on your phone and simply allow it to connect.So Samsung will presume if people dont work this out, and believe me its not easy its just by chance then they get some more people to upgrade to a new phone which of coarse will work when they try it for the first time.You dont recognise it the second time because its showing that its allowed.This is false information and Samsung should be sued for this and Im thinking about starting a lawsuit to counter this.Shame on Samsung!.

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how many people havent worked this out and they have to out go and buy a new tv or a new phone? its actually the TV.Samsung dont want to address this problem and Im sure the billions of dollars they can fix it!!.

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Guys VPN is a problem aswell, so switch it of. Hope I helped

Hmmm i don't have one. But I spoke to a samsung rep today...a human one face to face and they informed me that they have abandoned the direct smart view over the app due to over heating issues but they admitted that the app has limited functions at this time for a video player.

Also they admitted that for the last gen of 4k tv aka k6789000 range they did a deal with a company to have hard wired software in the form of the payforview channels which automatically come up and can't be removed as they are greyed out. They have had so many complaints that in the new range and qled models you can remove these prepaid ad channels. But all us ks9000 models have to keep them due to the licence deal.

Possibly due to updates my ks9000 settings menu screens are increasingly becoming slow and slightly glitchy. So I'm going to try to solve all the tv problems with a full reset...again.
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Hello. I've fixed the issue today. My S8 was unable to connect via Smart View to Chromecast since update. I was able to view my chromecast device at list of "available devices" but I couldn't connect.  1) I've made a "factory reset" of Chromecast device from Google Home app. 2) Then on S8 "General Management/Reset/Reset settings. 

3) Configure Chromecast in Google Home app again. 

I guess that issue was the cached device in Smart View. Even after reconfiguration of Chromecast with different name, the Smart View listed devices still showed old Chromecast name only. After "Reset settings" on S8 all worked. But because I am not sure, I've described all I did. 

Dovidenia! :] 

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