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Problem with S6 Edge Plus

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Problem with S6 Edge Plus

My S6 Edge plus was stuck in boot up loop, followed all guidance to try and boot up in safe mode. nothing worls now it will not turm on/off.  the back button lights up and goes off as does the button in the left corner. the on/off and volume up/down buttons no longer work. Followed guidance to hard reset to factory settings that doesnt work either.

Please help. tia.




Re: Problem with S6 Edge Plus

As a Factory Reset or Hard Reset isn't working @Holrup my suggestion would be to visit a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Location for support. 


I'm assuming the phone has not been dropped or water has gotten into it. 

Current Phone ~ S8 Model: SM-G950F. CsC:BTU.
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3 weeks ago
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Re: Problem with S6 Edge Plus

Thank you for your answer @BandofBrothers (voyager) . The phone wasn't dropped or got wet. 

Last night I managed to get to the screen to do a soft reset. More by good luck than good management. All seems well  today. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘