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I recently updated my galaxy s8 software and before I did this, when you wanted to quickly edit a photo in your gallery you could simply click on a 'wand' that would automatically make your photo look better. Since the update, it seems to have disappeared. Has this been removed or just moved? 


I really enjoyed that little tool and I want it back! 


Thank you! 

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Hi @JoeDelaney93


I'm using the s8 on Oreo 8.0 and I have the same options as you. 


No wand.


There's now more options under advanced and also if you press the 3 little dots in the top left corner and choose Open in Photo Editor Pro. 



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@JoeDelaney93 If you open the Gallery app and select the Filters icon Capture.JPG, there's an 'Auto' option available. 


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I agree why would they rem ove this feature. The auto is nothing like the "auto adjust" on previous version it actually makes pictures worse. I used this to edit my photography for my course and now it's gone my picture quality is inconsistent. Of I uninstall gallery updates will I loose my photos? Samsung bring back the auto update button PLEASE!!

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What I hate is that the good Samsung Photo Editor opens only from the Samsung Apps folder and only when we are connected to the internet! The version installed on our phones with the Gallery folder isn't as good! I dunno why is Samsung doing this?!

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