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Notification problema since New software update

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Two days ago I updated my S8+ with the new software and since then all my app notifications have gone crazy. Apart from some of the ringtones for the apps changing, now if I swipe the banner away the counter on the app dissappears. It's a pain as I want the pop up to tell me that I have a new WhatsApp, etc but I still want to see the counter show me on the WhatsApp app how many unread messages I have. This goes for emails and any app which still has unread messages.

I use tumblr and when I post something the notification goes on for ever but if I switch it off then I don't get a notification if someone sends me a message. Its crazy and so annoying!!

Has anyone else had these issues? 


I'm assuming this is a update to oreo yes?


If so then this is the way it will be 


Oreo is set so that If you have read or scanned the notification then the badge on the app is no longer required when you clear it.

it's part of oreo and nothing to do with samsung.


It takes a little bit to get use to but once you work out if it's important you start looking at it as soon as you read it 


Its also worth noting that in some cases unless you clear the the notication the badge will not clear even if you have opened the app.


Hope this helps a little 😁

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I have the same problem  can someone help me please 

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I've tried everything I can think of, but still nothing is making a difference, I still have no notification noise, it's a nightmare
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