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Note 8 battery drain


Since the last update I'm getting the worst battery drain on the note 8 can't even make it to lunch time without it dieing on me 


I've reset the phone back to factory address have put no apps on it and still doing it 

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Hi @Mosta1983.


Can you tell us more about what's eating the battery for you? Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > Battery Usage.


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Same here my battery lasts only 5 hours or so

From the battery side it all seems normal but it's not good ... Before the last update was as good as my s8 plus but

I think it's normal for our note 8 battery to only last around 6 hours yes?

I think you could be right ... I'll see how it goes over the next week or so

So your only getting 6 hours of battery life .before you need to charge the phone?

How are people getting 25 hours or more it makes no sense.if I used my note 8 hard like you tube.the web browser taking pics etc note 8 would die after 4 hours. But if I hardly use it I get 6 or 7 hours in till I need to charge this *****ty note 4 battery is much much better than my note 8


Picked up my note 8 a few days ago and same problem. It really stuggles with battery. Left the house at 10 with 100% and now 13:30 and it's at 34%!  Nightmare.


Checked battery maintenance and nothing other the  outlook app @ 0.24%. Used it for photos at a party and a few call and browsing. This is a big problem, v frustrating.


Hi everybody,


I am facing the same issues with my Note 8, it really struggles to give me a day long experience even with minor usage. 


I only manage to have 2h30 of screen on time which I find quite disturbing knowing that a lot of reviewers and users are saying they're getting at least 4 hours of screen on time. 


As mentoned above in a previous answer, my battery usage does not look *****. Tonight, I've done a factory reset. 


Do you guys think it's normal or not ? I am starting to think it is not. 


Thank you in advance for your answers and sharing experiences.

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