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Note 8 Screen dead spot

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Just noticed the other day when using the stylus that the middle of the bottom half of the screen is unresponsive, if i use screen write and scribble lined horizontaly and verticaly there is about a centimetre area where no lines apear, get real anoyinh when your writing emails or texts as this is the area most used. just over 3 months old. 



Hi @mowaman007


That's not good. 


Assuming a soft reboot by turning it off and on does not help and the phone has not been dropped and the water sensors have not been tripped I would suggest visiting a Samsung Service Centre or Samsung Experience Store where they'll check it over under the 24 Month Manufacturing Warranty cover. 



Current Phone ~ S8 Model: SM-G950F. CsC:BTU.
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TracyR Moderator

Hey @mowaman007!


As well as what @BandOfBrothers has said you can also try a quick hardware test on your phone:

  • Head to the Dial Pad and type in *#0*# 
  • Click on S-Pen
  • Then use 'SPEN Draw'
  • Go back
  • Then use 'SPEN Draw #2

If the screen is still unresponsive in parts then you can find your nearest Support Centre, HERE



CarolinaW Moderator

Hey @mowaman007/! How did you get on with this? 

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