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Note 8 Gallery: Can't use sticker function for putting an image on image


I used to be able to stack pictures(put an image on another image) in photo editor pro through Gallery app before the Pie update.
That option still lives for those, who's Gallery app functions properly. The Date Stamps and Shapes sticker is supposed to allow this function, but on most Note 8 devices, this is broken.


The Date Stamps and Shapes sticker does not show up, so we cannot stack images. I just got an update for my Gallery app from the Galaxy store, still NOT FIXED. Samsung PLEASE FIX THIS. I need this function daily for my work!!!

Ironically it works fine on my coworkers S8, which is a CHEAPER DEVICE!


Same here it's an absolute joke! 

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Yes, same here! Why is this functionality not available on the Note 8? I used this function every day (before the update) to put our logo on our our company social media photos :(


Exactly the same here. @Samsung ? This feature seems bugged on every Note 8, running the new Android Pie! Shouldn't be such a difficult fix!


Received the April security update today...STILL NO FIX FOR THE GALLERY PROBLEM. I mean, what do we have to do, to get this issue fixed???

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I have exactly the same issue. It works on my wife's s8, but doesn't work on note 8

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I regret I didn't check around the comments about this latest Android as I usually do. I can't believe Samsung had another software bug again.

If I picked a Note 8 is not for playing or admiring the screen, I really need the Photo Editor with all the functions as before to be able to keep working!!!


Hello Samsung???? Good morning, if you release an update, proceed to fix the BUGS you send out with the update!

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