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New! Gear fit 2 Pro - Floor counting issues

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Yeah my gear fit wouldnt turn back on after charging I tried reboot and everything. I gave it to my husband to tinker with. I gave up on it and I loved it. I now have a fitbit charge 3 and love it. @Traci wrote:

Well it's been a year and Samsung still hasn't done anything to fix the floor counting so I wouldn't hold your breath. They don't even bother replying to these posts which is super disappointing. 




I have the opposite problem.  I had foot surgery that prevents me from using stairs, and I live in a single level home.  By the time I leave home I've already done 3 floors without even touching a stair.

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i, also, have the floor problem and am wondering why samsung hasn't fixed it. sorta makes me sorry that i just bought 2 samsung tvs!

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Same problem here. I contacted the online chat and was told that the floor height is set at 3 meters and cannot be changed. When I said taht this does not make sense and I would like to have it logged as a product issue the chat was ended. 

It's too bad because for the most part I do like the watch but it looks like I will be returning it.


That's lame.  Shows their complete lack of willingness to make a code change in their product. 

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