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Mobile Privacy Policy

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Following on from the Data protection Regulations (GDPR)  thought I'd provide info on Samsung's latest privacy policy, in this section obviously concentrating on Smart Devices.


When  customers use  mobile services data will be collected , shared and stored in line with the privacy policy.   Users should always read 3rd party  privacy policies carefully and execise caution  as Samsung are not responsible for these providers. When using Samsung Social data will be collected from contact list and access to content you are sharing. However customers are able to choose which services they wish to use and the categories of service they  wish to share, including selecting friends to share with.


Advertising tends to be the area with some concerns so  will enclose the full detail directly here.


Samsung Advertising ID

"In order to make the content and advertising on your Mobile Device more relevant to you, we will collect information about your usage of your Mobile Device and services.
Information about your Mobile Device usage that is collected for the purposes of providing customised marketing will be linked to a randomised, non-persistent and resettable device identifier called the Samsung advertising ID. You may reset your Samsung advertising ID at any time via the Settings menu on your Mobile Device and your previous usage information with respect to customised marketing will be de-linked and separated from what is collected under the new Samsung advertising ID. However, if you reset your Samsung advertising ID, the customised marketing may not be best aligned to your personal interests. You may also opt out from receiving customised marketing at any time via the Settings menu in the applicable Samsung service application on your Mobile Device.
However, even if you opt out from receiving customised marketing, it will not affect whether or not you receive other types of ads and marketing on your Mobile Devices. The only difference will be that those ads will not be based on the usage information of your Mobile Device.
Please also bear in mind that Samsung may still collect information about your usage of your Mobile Device for other purposes as described in the main body of this Privacy Policy.

Samsung printing and copier products are now part of the HP product family. Please refer to the HP Privacy Statement at the following link:"


Will include full privacy policy here which also includes Samsung Health, samsung pay and Voice services for those who are interested, the mobile section at bottom of page.

I dont want any anvertising relevant to me or anyone else whether from Samsung or Google.
Its time we as users should be able to turn off all adverts of all kinds and stop all companies from harvesting our data our information if and when we want to.
Totally agree...That first line "In order to make the content and advertising on your Mobile Device more relevant to you" should be enough to make any Samsung owner angry, we don't spend loads of cash to have loads of rubbish spewed out on our devices.
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