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Lack of International Warranty/Customer Service

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This post is a warning to anybody thinking of buying a Samsung product outside of their home country/region: the warranty is only useful where you buy it and your phone could break within a year/13 months. 


In late March 2016 I purchased a Samsung S7 Edge, model number SM-G935FD, in Taipei, Taiwan. I was very happy with the purchase and had no problems with the phone until March/April of 2017, when the phone suddenly froze upon opening an app, showing a black screen and a blue LED light that fades from light to dark blue (the motherboard was the cause). As I had the receipt with me, I went to the Samsung store in London -where I had moved to- to ask about a repair, assuming that I had a two-year warranty on the phone. At the store, I was told that a Taiwanese phone could not be repaired in Europe due to different parts, and that therefore I should call the Samsung hotline where they will arrange for a pick-up of the phone for repair. Upon calling, they told me that a Taiwanese phone could not be repaired and that there was no option to send it in for repairs. As such, my phone was useless although still under warranty (or so I thought). I proceeded to send two formal emails/letters to Samsung’s Europe office and to HQ in South Korea. The first ended with an email repeating what I already knew; while the second led to an email asking for my phone number to discuss my experience. I sent my details and waited, however no phone call ever came. Upon sending an email to inquire whether they would still call, nobody responded anymore.


By chance, this February (2018) I moved back to Taipei. I was looking forward to finally bringing my phone in for repair. However, at Taipei’s main Samsung store, they told me that rather than two years, the Taiwanese warranty only covers one year, and as I cannot prove that my phone may actually have broken within one year of purchase, there is no way to repair it within the warranty. The problem, is that the motherboard is broken, and to fix this it would cost 8750 Taiwanese dollars (300US$). The warranty on this new motherboard would then be only three months! When the representative told me this, she plainly advised me to buy a new phone, since there really is “no point” in fixing it for that price. Not only this, but one Samsung employee, upon returning the phone to me after inspection, asked if I would like to insert my SIM card while she polished it… The phone has not turned on since last year!


In summary, I have had a terrible experience with Samsung customer care. Such a large, international company cannot lack such basic customer service with the prices they charge for their mobile phones. Add to this the fact that the motherboard broke exactly one year/13 months after purchase… Unfortunately, Samsung lost one loyal customer to this and I hope that this post will help others when making the decision. At least ensure you are covered by two-year warranty in a country you can easily access!


Samsung is a JOKE

I bought my S8 in Australia. Moved back to Europe shortly after. Screen burnt in. I have all my warranty documents.
They tell me to practically f**k off because I didnt buy the device in the country. What????? Apple would´ve taken it anywhere in the World.... "Sorry we are not going to be able to help you. Please contact the manufacturer in the country of purchase because there are different parts in the device....blaa blaa.... ." What do I care as a customer? Take my phone. Order the parts needed from Australia. Repair it. Give it back to me. Settle the bill with the Australians and resolve it internally. What do I care about the interal processes or how it is done in accounting?.... What a HORRID CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE!!!!!! And this is supposed to be "Premium Brand"? Pointing fingers.... having me shipped the phone back to the end of the world (16.000 km) at my own expense to fix it when it shouldn´t have broken this earily to begin with. I have been buying this brand for 5+ years. NEVER AGAIN. 

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I totally agree about the rubbish customer service from Samsung. I've been buying their product too for years but no more. I bought my S8 when I was passing through Abu Dhabi as I travel loads for work and when a previous phone (not Samsung) died I had to get a new phone quickly. One year later, I'm currently in the UK and have screen burn on my phone even though I've been using the auto brightness option. So went into local Samsung dealer and told nope we won't/can't help you as you didn't buy it here in the UK.  What a joke!

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