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Hw to setup Printing from my Galaxy Tab?

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Hi, Can someone help or point me in the right direction.


I would like to be able to print the occasional address label, or order confirmation, from Ebay, is this possible from my Galaxy Tab, via the standard Web Applications, that are automatically generated as part of the Web browser, and Website concerned. 


I have two laser printers, that happily print from the Windows 7 notebook and desktop pc, I was hoping  it may be possible to print one of them.


They Are.  1. CANON LBP1120. & 2. DELL C1765NFW multifunction Colour laser,.


Anyone know, what I need to install or setup?


Look forward to hearing from you.


Best Regards


Allan Mace Mason




To be able to print from a device such as a tablet you will need to download a special driver from the play store. The driver will need to be for which ever printer you want to use. In your case it would be the below link for a canon printer.
Once you have installed the driver you should be able to press print in an app or from a browser and it should allow you to print to your printer as long as it is connected to the same WI-FI network as your tablet.
Hope this helps
feel free to reply if you have any trouble.

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