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How do i connect my tablet to my phone to swap files?




I have a new tab a and a year old galaxy s7 edge.


I wish to connect them in 2019 to send files etc 


There use to be a quick connect function but it's vanished.


If I go to Bluetooth they can see each other and attempt to pair or claim they are paired but then they just fail to do anything and they claim I need to turn wifi off which makes no difference or that I need to turn Bluetooth on both devices which I have and then they claim no devices near.....typical samsung  nonsense.


Can someone help me overcome this simple problem please ?


I buy all samsung but every year they are less compatible :(

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Endlessproblem.


Have you tried using Samsung Smart Switch to transfer your data? Have a look here.

Hi thanks for helping. I'm aware of that but it seems a little bit convoluted for small files compared to the quick connect system I was using before the update. Why doesn't the pairing system work anymore ???
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