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Heart rate monitor issues with Gear fit 2 pro


Hi Anarita,


Thanks for letting us know.

There has been multiple reports of this already.


It's ridiculous that Samsung have not fixed it yet.

The galaxy watch even uses a different software version and a different HR monitor.



I'm aware of those reports. It's ridiculous to say the least...


I'll keep my gear fit 2 pro that sometimes works fine, sometimes doesn't and will not upgrade to the Galaxy watch.

I really enjoyed the new features of the new watch, such as the speaker and the automatic brightness, but will not upgrade for a watch the seems to have more trouble with the HR than this that I have. Very disappointed.


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I am having the same issues after the update. I'll post in the other thread, but has there been any traction on this since September? I find it odd that it's been almost a year and Samsung hasn't offered a fix. 

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Come on samsung, please fix this issue already. its been a year since people complaining abou this issue.

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 Got this device as a gift.  Useless if I can't use the HR monitor. Will go back to useing my Fitbit. 


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I have the same problem!
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It's amazing that after exactly one year your post, Samsung hasn't sorted this issue out. It is very frustrating.


My Fit2 pro is a month old and is already giving me the same problem. It stops measuring at any given time. 

When it stops, I always try to reboot but sometimes rebooting doesn't help. 


I think the issue is with "Auto HR". This morning before my run, I wanted to get the device running before I start and I battled (no HR reading update). So I decided to switch from "Auto HR" to "Frequent". I then did a manual measurement of HR and successfully got a new reading. I switched back to "Auto HR". Only then it worked and I could start my run.


The second issue is the issue of incorrect HR reading. I had been sitting in front of my PC at work for about an hour. Gear Fit2 pro, on Auto HR, was reading between 135 - 137bpm but when I did a manual reading with my Note4 the reading 71bpm.




yap, it's really sad. I'm still using mine, but I'm very close to switch to a Garmin because I find it extremely frustrating all this HR thing.


Anyway, I've been having some good readings lately during gym/class workout using the UA Record app in the following exercise mode: activity, select gym and then circuit training. I don't get hr flat lines and as far as intensity, its seems similar to my older gear fit 2.


However, running is becoming even more frustrating. From time to time, I get those flat lines and lately I've been having issues with GPS. The distances aren't right and sometimes the GPS can't get location.  To solve this, I've disconnected gps in running and use my phone instead.... but the latter was supposed to be at home.... really sad with Samsung :(

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