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Heart rate monitor issues with Gear fit 2 pro


Hi Anarita,


Thanks for letting us know.

There has been multiple reports of this already.


It's ridiculous that Samsung have not fixed it yet.

The galaxy watch even uses a different software version and a different HR monitor.



I'm aware of those reports. It's ridiculous to say the least...


I'll keep my gear fit 2 pro that sometimes works fine, sometimes doesn't and will not upgrade to the Galaxy watch.

I really enjoyed the new features of the new watch, such as the speaker and the automatic brightness, but will not upgrade for a watch the seems to have more trouble with the HR than this that I have. Very disappointed.


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I am having the same issues after the update. I'll post in the other thread, but has there been any traction on this since September? I find it odd that it's been almost a year and Samsung hasn't offered a fix. 

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Come on samsung, please fix this issue already. its been a year since people complaining abou this issue.

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 Got this device as a gift.  Useless if I can't use the HR monitor. Will go back to useing my Fitbit. 


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I have the same problem!
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