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I have been messing around with launchers on my Galaxy S8. I'd downloaded the Google Now launcher and didnt like it so I'm back using Samsungs own, since then my Google icons have changed.  Youtube, Gmail, Drive, Chrome and Google Play all apear like they have an icon frame around them despite the option being turned off.


I've tried different icon packs but I'm currently on Beta and it doesnt seem to make a difference.


Can anyone help me with my issue? 




Thats weird as usually turbo g off the installer or uninstalling it returns the phone back to Touchwizz. 


Have you tried a soft reboot by turning the device Off and On. 


Please try a soft reset by holding down the power button and the volume down button for around 7 seconds. Then let go of the buttons once you feel the device vibrate and see the Samsung Galaxy S8 logo on the screen. Your phone should then reboot.


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