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Gear VR 2017 - Recommended 'must have' games to show the best of the tech


Hi Guys,


I am getting the new VR next weekend... I purchased an S8 Plus handset on the release date back in April, and I would have purchased the VR  sooner, but I was requested by my girlfriend to await my birthday Smiley Happy


I am interested to know any comments / advice / information from anyone on the forum for the best apps that the VR  / occulus store has to offer currently ?   I will be new to VR so I will probably be like a 'kid in a sweet shop' for a while ! Smiley Happy




When I first started using mine I downloaded a Rollercoaster option to see what it can do. 


Then I downloaded spaceship type fighter games. 


Give yourself plenty of room around you and sit on a computer chair so you can spin or stand up.


Don't spend too long at first in it as most your senses are going to be used with this.  


Enjoy.   Smiley Happy

Current Phone ~ S8 Model: SM-G950F. CsC:BTU.
Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch

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