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Gear Sport Not Tracking Heart Rate When Exercising


I am having the same issues with my galaxy watch. It way undercounts my steps and calories. The heart rate monitor works sometimes and other times, I get a message to dry off the sensor. Well I cannot stay dry while working out. That's what happens when you work out. .. You sweat. I'm very disappointed in this product . 


The sleep monitor is poor on this device. I'm reading that I only deeply sleep for 1 to 1 1/2 hours and my REM registers bw 30  and 90 min for an entire night. 


So this topic has been open for about a year and the issue still hasnt been resolved, makes me wonder if they'll ever get around to it...


I have a Gear Sport running T4.0.0.2 and the heart rate montior works intermittenly throughout the day. Definitely not every 10 minutes like its set to, but usually at least once an hour.

Went to the gym, watch correctly detected I was exercising...and then proceeded to not check my heart rate at all.


What? Didnt realize that setting the watch to every 10 minutes while still meant never checking your heart rate while exercising. Whats the point of a fitness oriented smart watch that cant handle basic fitness tracking?


This is a really bad problem, the watch just doesn't measure the heartrate properly during an exercise. I just tried using Samsung Galaxy Watch and my previous fitness tracker, Polar V800, simultaneously for the same exercise. The difference is beyond belief... in the total calories the difference was Samsung Galaxy Watch showing 35% less burn calories.


I am seriously thinking about returning this watch; what a disappointment!


I'm in the process of returning my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G. What an expensive Smart Watch with a **totally broken** HR feature!

The irony of this is that Samsung S Health app shows people exercising in a gym all wearing the watch. What are they tracking? Can't be steps or HR as they're both broken (HR more so). 

I feel sorry for people who will buy soon to be released Gear Watch: if Samsung hasn't fixed HR in two iterations of their watch (2+ years), what hope do they hope for *ever* fixing it? 

I've even offered on this and US forums to do software testing for free as I like the watch ..  All I got was silence. 




They sold you a watch. They could not care less about you after that. It's annoying as hell. It really is a pity, because it IS a nice looking watch with a decent battery life. Right now it's not worth ANYTHING as a fitness watch.

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