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Gear Fit 2 Pro - Standalone GPS not working


Hi all,


Recently the standalone GPS on my Gear Fit 2 Pro has stopped functioning completely. I've tried resetting the watch numerous times to no avail. I took it to the Samsung repair centre and they replaced the motherboard on the watch and to my surprise the GPS still does not function after having it returned. 


Due to the motherboard being replaced it says to me this is a software related issue. The guys in the repair centre showed me a diagnostic test they ran on the watch and showed me everything had passed. They also claimed due to servicing the watch there was nothing else they could do on a return to the store and suggested that I contact Samsung directly.


Has anyone had a similar experience with their Gear Fit 2 Pro? 

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @L1ng.


Did you take your watch to an official Samsung approved Service Centre?


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Hi, Yes I took it to the official Samsung repair centre in Plymouth
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Did you get any further with this? A month ago my gear fit pro started lagging when moving between screens and stopping when using the running app, so I did a reset and now the gps takes around 5 mins (if at all) to locate anything and then drops in and out.

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