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Galaxy watch burnt at rest calories not syncing with S health app

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I've having an annoying issue recently where the weight management item on my S health app always claims I'm at the goal for calories while my Galaxy watch says I'm way above (upwards of 500kcals too high). I tracked this down to what appears to be a difference in the burnt calories at rest between the watch and my S health app where the watch vastly underestimates my at rest calories.


Why does the watch do this separately and is there a way to fix this so that the weight management calories are the same on my Galaxy watch and the S health app?

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I'm having the same issue Samsung Health is different by about 100 KCal cannot get them to sync. Galaxy S9 & Galaxy Watch! Bit annoying

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Sme here too and also at a loss as to why...

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I actually disabled MyFitnessPals ability to write Food information & Food intake and they are now syncing! Bit annoying as it means I have to add calories manually after adding them up in MFP . MFP has been acting up with syncs the last few days doubling up my food intake and multiple duplicates of cycling exercises I have requsted help from them

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Exactly the same issue here! Bizarre. Please someone from Samsung solve this for us 


I have the same issue. It's annoying. Weight management and calories tracking are the main reasons I got the galaxy watch. On my watch I am over the calorie limit, on my phone I am under. Samsung... can we bother your highnesses with this problem. Not one answear in 2 months...

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I had this problem too and samsung are a nightmare to talk to as they are no help. I identified the problem to be that the watch matches the active time calories within the samsung health app rather than matching the weight Managment calories. Annoying as I will have 7 blue days on the phone but they could be red on the watch

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